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Marcellux.- Visual Artist

Paintings, Sculptures & Digital Art

Art 4u2


Self -Portrait (Digital Art)

"Eternal Unconformity" serial 

Copyright Marcellux 2002 All rights reserved Worlwide

Many people has given me their opinion about my art. However, I've got a very strict art critic: Me. 
Sometimes I feel that a work is not good enough, that I didn't do my best when I was doing it, that I could have made it better, that I could have placed more energy in it…

That's when I paint it over, and repaint it, and repainted again until I believe the work has got everything that it needed, all the force I was able to give.

Well, this serial shows some of the works that were retouched many times, until I was satisfied… 

This is a very intimate serial. Here you will see the core hart of me. I am a human being, and I change my mind many times until I reach a point when I say "this work is completed". I don't want to be a machine that has everything calculated, that never fails. I want to have the right to make mistakes. This serial is a journey to my expectations, and frankly, to my eternal unconformity. 




This 31" x 39" painting didn't seem good enough to me so I repainted it.

It became: Vanishing Ideals #7
Oil over canvas 31"x39" -  100 x 80 cm 

You may see it at "Vanishing Ideals" serial 

Next 19" x 16" picture didn't satisfy me completely 

(This image can still be seen at my serial Late 90's but it doesn't exist anymore)

It became: Vanishing Ideals #6
Oil over canvas  +  mixed media 

19"x16" 50 x 40 cm

You may see it at "Vanishing Ideals" serial 

punto_r.gifA painting I didn't like at all (with no image left) was retouched.

punto_r.gifIt became:Vanishing Ideals #4
Oil over canvas  +  mixed media 

19"x16" 50 x 40 cm

You may see it at "Vanishing Ideals" serial


punto_r.gif"The sea" was the name of this painting. The image is still visible at my serial "Men and their symbols", but the painting doesn't exist anymore.

punto_r.gifIt became: "The beginning"
Acrylic over canvas   

19"x27" 50 x 70 cm

This is the only serial that I can say that is endless... More and more works will be a part of this serial as long as I continue painting, because, as I have said before : I've got a kind of eternal unconformity...


punto_r.gifWould you like to see MORE Paintings?

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