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Comments & Critics by Pablo Villar Mariscal

Born in Buenos Aires City, his origins come from the union of a grandfather from Cataluña, (Spain), and an Italian grandmother from Rome.

He was particularly influenced by the art of Kandinsky, Man-Ray and Miró.

His work focuses on the interaction of the mind and the artwork.

He started his work when he was only 10 years old, making ceramic sculptures.

After High school, he studied at UBA University of Buenos Aires.

"Life is nothing but a mental fight toward our blindness of understanding"- he says

"Art is one of the powerful tools we’ve got to make people win the match".

"Forms, colors, textures and movements are only a quantum of light, without our brain to give them meaning. Being able to see colors and forms and have an internal image or feeling of pleasure or agreement, is one of the richest experiences a man can have. Is one of these moments when you realize that life deserves to be lived and that it’s beautiful"

    Marcellux's paintings are strong but not violent. I think that they contain 'cool passion', as the one that happens when a young man has just fall in love with a girl, there is sweetness and passion, but 'restricted', 'restrained'. It’s like a blues, peaceful but passionate at least. Maybe it’s like watching the sea under the moon in a summer night.

    The colors seem to respect the environment without hurting it. This is not the usual behavior in Mother Nature, which invades the entire scenario if it can. However, there are energy and impulse in the work, and that is what I consider fascinating: The fascinating passion that emerges but makes me feel the harmony of the being at the same time. Marcellux's paintings makes me nervous (in the positive meaning of the world) because I see a challenge for perception in them for people like me, who appreciate when we find a renovation of what we know about art.

We all know that art is a language. The great question I ask myself after the contemplation of these paintings is: Is it possible the 'cool passion’, the 'moderate impulse'? Can we control our own internal worlds? Should we let the chaos take us and carry ourselves through it's sharpen paths? Marcellux seems to have an answer to my wonders.

Pablo Villar Mariscal  

(Spain 2000)


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