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"America the Beautiful" Serial



Oil over canvas

50 x 70 cm


The "America the beautiful" serial was created inspired in the american flag.

The messages on the painting are symbols of what it is called "The american way of life". In just 15 sentences, I tried to express what America means. It is like a game: Which 15 sentences would you express to define America?. These are mine: "1776, 07/04/1776, Lincoln, Grant, JFK, NASA, Area 51, E.T., MLK (for Martin Luther K.), I have a dream, I love Lucy, Apollo, Las Vegas, Halloween, Hollywood."

In September 11th, 2001 there was a tragedy in the United States of America. Nearly 5000 (or more)  people lost their lives there. I think everybody in the world was affected by this fact in a way or another.

Women cried, (some men also did it), firemen rescued bodies,  and CNN showed it on TV.

I am a painter, not a woman nor a CNN reporter. Painting is the way I express my feelings, and so, thatís what I did: I painted. I painted these serial using the colors of the nationalís flag.

I painted them as a personal tribute to America. ďBeautifulĒ is the world that came to my mind, because thatís the way I want to think about America: America the beautiful.